Look Deeply Inside Yourself

Recently, I experienced something I’d seen before. Two adults were having a conversation. One adult seemed to be the alpha and the other something much lower. I could tell by the body language. Soon, I could tell by the words. Then the two physical bodies separated and the conversation ended. The Alpha had chased away an opportunity for a great conversation.

Have you witnessed this before: two people supposedly conversing, but one controlling everything in the conversation? I see this all too often and I think its root cause is something deep down inside the Alpha. Alphas are territorial, always wanting to maintain face. What’s being maintained, though, is only known to the Alpha — and this is where trouble begins. The Alpha continues to push and force out conversation. If the recipient is another Alpha, the message is lost in the battle to save face. If the recipient is a willing follower, the heaviness of the message and the way it is conveyed pushes out a chasm of space that cannot be closed easily and the message is lost. Either way, the message is lost.

Alphas should take a closer look at themselves and realize what they’re doing to those of us Beta and below. However, as followers we, too, need to more closely inspect the way we conduct ourselves in these conversations. Why do we allow the Alphas to continue to increase their power?

In my next post, I’ll dig deeper into this space that gets created between people and work through some solutions. Are you an Alpha?

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