5 Ways To Avoid Discouragement

It seems like there are so many times in our lives when it becomes easy to allow ourselves to accept our fate. Our fate then becomes our destiny and we become trapped in that destiny’s circularity. In being able to lead ourselves, we must be able to prevent those rapid lapses in our self-worth and see ourselves in ways that create forward movement with meaning. Here are my top five:

1.) When faced with a daunting challenge, enjoy the moment. If, instead of breaking down and hiding, we took each challenge as an opportunity, a way to define ourselves, we’d discover that the challenge was bearable after all.

2.) Forget time. I know all of us have noticed others who, when faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, think there’s just not enough time to fix the problem and find a “win”. There will never be enough time no matter what we do. Move forward. Don’t stop.

3.) Stop self-destructing inner thoughts. Controlling what we think is the main way we shape who we actually are. Unless you want to feel weakened for long periods of time, I suggest placing positive imagery in your head. Draw on those positive thoughts when negativity creeps in.

4.) It’s never over. We’ve all witnessed wins when things seemed impossible. Some of us may have attributed those wins to luck. It’s not luck, but persistence instead. Never give up. Not once.

5.) Pause to slow down. Life can many times race past us, keeping us on the speedy track unless we stop to pause, relax, notice things we haven’t noticed before.

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