by: James Pearce

I’ve been writing often about perception lately. How do others perceive you at work? You might be surprised about how you’re viewed. I will use the example of Robin Williams here.

At work, you’re that person who always lights up the room. You’re always trying to be funny. You’re always poking at someone and trying to make laughter. Like Robin Williams, you continuously veer closer and closer to what some people might deem inappropriate. Is this how you really want others to view you? Is this who you really are or are you just acting the part?

So many times at work we may feel compelled to act in ways that aren’t really definitive of who we really are. We may say things and do things that are outside of our personalities to fit in. This is so false and if you are doing this, stop immediately.

At work, you want people to perceive who you really are, not who you are not. Spend less time in Robin Williams mode and greater time immersed in reality. You’re not playing a video game and can’t hit the reset button. Play your cards the way you really hold them and save Robin Williams for TV and the movies.


Written by James Pearce

I am a writer, leader, and motivator interested in helping other people find their greatest efforts and achieve their dreams on a daily basis. I hope my site motivates others and propels them to new ideas and goals.

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