Are You Thinking or Acting?

by James Pearce

How long should someone spend mulling something over before acting on it? Are there limit lines that must be fulfilled or is it always adjustable to the situation? Do the patterns change when the issue is business-related vs. personal?

It seems to me that all decisions go through a thought process. I also think that there is a limit to the amount of time someone should spend thinking before making a decision. There are studies out there that suggest that if we use more data to make a decision, we may actually undermine the ability to make a successful decision. That doesn’t mean to ignore data; it does mean to know what kinds of data are needed and how much of it needs consideration.

This seems to lead to decision times being adjustable based on the situation. In your business or life, think about the data needed for various projects and what would be entailed in order to make an informed decision. Consider that data and make a decision. Once the decision is made, you’re in action territory. This is what really counts. Where will your decision take you? What will it create?

Actions are where money is made and where value arises. The action sector of a decision is something that happens over time and in steps. Therefore, see each project or outcome of an individual decision as something that transformed the moment it was in and set forth the pathway for other moments that will transform small spaces of time.

If we think too long, we aren’t good leaders. We aren’t decisive enough. We must move quickly into the action realm. No money is made from thoughts alone; thoughts need paired actions. Make those decisions. Stick to them. Let them guide and transform the series of actions that emerge from them.

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