Keep Pedaling


“The duck looks smooth and calm on top of the water, but under that there is restless pedaling.”

Ducks seem to float so smoothly on top of the surface of the water. Water has a surface tension that holds the duck up and supports it. No matter what a duck is doing, it seems to be relaxed as it smoothly moves about a pond, a lake, or a river. However, a duck could be preyed upon. It could be subject at any time to attack. Ducks realize this and as they look calm on the surface, they continue to pedal hard under the water, always ready to move in a new direction at any moment.

I think what we as people can learn from the duck is that even when our life waters are smooth and calm, we must continue to pedal onward and also be ready to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. How many times have each of us realized a missed opportunity too late? How many of us can look back and see moments when we weren’t prepared and our life waters churned longer than we wished?

If we are able to look relaxed and calm in the face of challenge, we then know we’ll be able to react if we need to in response to threat. If we are always pedaling and looking for new chances, new opportunities, we’ll find what we were meant to do rather than doing things we ended up doing out of necessity. We must always be able to observe the horizon for ourselves both above and below water in order for the best to come our way.

I have above quoted a passage that appeared on the Facebook page of Nijel Amos of Botswana, 2012 silver medalist in the 800 meters at the 2012 London Olympics. Thanks go to Nijel for providing the amazing passages on his Facebook page! 

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