The Future of Work

by: James Pearce

An interesting series of circumstances ensued today while I was at work. I was talking to a teaching colleague about students. This colleague remarked that she had little confidence in these kids working in the future because the have so little desire to work. They don’t like to do the classwork, so they simply just don’t. I, too, have noticed this in my classes.

At lunch I was listening to NFL Radio on my Sirius/XM connection and the hosts were discussing the San Francisco 49’ers and the Cleveland Browns. Their assessment was that both teams were horrible and might not crawl out of that hole this year simply because the players didn’t seem interested in working hard. They then played an audio of the Tennessee Titans coach stating that the players on his team better make sure they arrive to camp in shape. For him to state this meant that he had little confidence they would show up in shape.

So here we are, NFL players that can’t prepare their bodies for the season because they are too lazy and students who don’t study for their classes. To me, it seems like huge entitlement. Both groups seem to have the silver spoon theory that they are entitled to everything just by showing up. I guess this means that businesses will have much to deal with in the coming years. It also means that we’ll see certain students able to make substantially more and have greater career success simply because they are willing to work hard. We see that in the NFL already. Those teams that ask players to step up to a higher bar, a higher set of expectations end up in the AFC or NFC Conference Championship and/or the Superbowl.

We shouldn’t be afraid to ask our young people to step up to a higher standard. This is the United States after all, the country with supposedly the best compulsory education system in the world. Our students must realize that their job is to be students and students at the highest level. They need to put aside those video games for reading, writing, and deep thinking. How we get them to this standard is easy: adults (parents along with teachers and administrators) making kids tow the line, pull their weight, to get ready for a future that has competition coming from all over the globe. Nothing against other nations, but I don’t want to see our country fall from number one.


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