Getting revved up for the Oscars? Are you more interested in the movies or in the celebrities and the showmanship they display when on the red carpet?

Movies are strange creatures. They capture our attention and the people cast in them occupy many senses of our lives. For some of us, we take fashion cues from actors and actresses who portray perhaps an image of who we’d like to be. We do get therapeutic benefit out of that, and that’s nice, but what does it really do for us and our real lives?

I love movies, don’t get me wrong. But isn’t it true that people see celebrities as leaders? If not as someone we’d follow around everyday, at least someone we’ll listen to from time to time. Leadership can thus be bottled. It can be canned and dispersed by people perhaps more interested in the attention it gets them later than by any other goodly motive. If we continue to open these bottled messages, who are we? A collection of bottles? Maybe we should cast some of the bottles out to sea and leave them for others. We don’t need them.

Then again, it’s the Oscars, and part of me just wants to see what happens.


Written by James Pearce

I am a writer, leader, and motivator interested in helping other people find their greatest efforts and achieve their dreams on a daily basis. I hope my site motivates others and propels them to new ideas and goals.

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