I Can Do My Job If You’ll Let Me

by: James Pearce

When you got off the subway train today, you didn’t question where to turn to get off the platform. When you woke this morning, you didn’t wonder about how to find your bathroom. So, why would you need to be guided by the hand to do what you do at work? You don’t, and that’s my point.

Once we all reached high school at 14 or 15 years old, we were fledgling adults. We didn’t need someone (or want someone) holding our hand and leading us around. We didn’t want someone telling us what to do each moment of our lives. We didn’t require someone explaining step-by-step how to do our work. We fell out of the nest long ago. We were pushed out, we survived, and we can handle things.

It’s one of the worst things about work these days if it happens. There’s micromanaging and it creates stress. Worse, it decreases productivity. Each person was hired because they were talented for the tasks of their job. Let them do their job! Everyone needs room to think, to process, to do. Give each employee responsibility through space, time, and understanding. Watch from afar and support, discuss, and help. Never micromanage.

James Pearce is a talented writer, markets analyst, and speaker. To secure his services or obtain rates, email: thekindleader@comcast.net

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