Value Added Attitude

by: James Pearce

In business, there are many aspects that add value to the business. How does your attitude add value to your business? Think about a time when you felt like you received excellent customer service. Think also about a time when you felt like you received poor customer service. What were your feelings about the business serving you at those moments?

I think the conclusion would be that excellent customer service made you feel great about the business and poor service the opposite. Think how powerful attitude can be if we multiply it by every customer interaction over an entire day, entire week, entire month, entire year. What if we then multiply that product (of the previous customer interactions) by the number of employees in a business? Now we’re talking power of attitude.

Attitude can force a receiver of a message in many different directions. Once the direction is established, it can stay in that direction permanently. If an attitude persuasively shifts a customer away from your business, your customer many never return. This is especially important when we think of each customer having 500 plus social media connections and being able to message them quickly. When that message appears on their friends’ social media pages, the multiplicity of one event can take on tremendous proportions.

I realize that some customers may deserve to be treated poorly because their individual conduct doesn’t warrant care and kindness. However, think about how you and your employees can shape your attitudes with those customers and other customers so the customer feels like they were well-served. Form attitudes by setting good examples and training employees in how to react and when to react. Simply being cognizant of attitude can reap benefits that extend beyond the moment.

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