How Powerful Are Images?

The Kind Leader

by: James Pearce

Existing in a world without constant images streaming across our faces and racing across our many screens would seem nearly impossible to imagine. We are overexposed to images in technology and this has perhaps removed us a bit from the reality of our lives. Images hold a powerful presence in the lives we lead today. Perhaps sometimes they are a bit much?

I was reading Don DeLillo’s book Mao II today. In the text, DeLillo writes: “In our world we sleep and eat the image and pray to it and wear it too.” DeLillo published this novel in 1991, but his words ring so true today that I thought he was talking about our lives. What he speaks of is really an exercise in branding. Marketers want their brand images to resonate with us. This resonance is important because it leads us to make deeper commitments to…

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