Business Books I Love

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The Devil’s Financial Dictionary by: Jason Zweig

If you know anyone who works in finance or has any experience at all with the financial world, give them Zweig’s book. True and real definitions paired with Zweig’s sarcasm and humor.

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Deep Work by: Cal Newport

Mr. Newport offers ways to immerse in thinking. He favors the solo process and thinks Groupthink is way overrated. After reading this book, I think he may be correct.


The Startup Game by: William Draper

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business or company and what it would take, this is a nice early entry book to the world of venture capital.


The Black Swan by: Nassim Taleb

Was it really chance? Could the outcome have been predicted or what it inevitable?


Thinking Fast and Slow by: Daniel Kahneman

Nobel Prize Winner Kahneman takes us into his brain for a few hours of thinking and enlightenment on probability, the way the brain thinks, chance vs. reality.

 Thinking In Systems by: Donella Meadows

The power of this book becomes apparent the further into it you read. At first, it’s a bit confusing as to where Meadows is taking you. However, it fulfills and more about how we can shift our thinking.


All About Derivatives by: Michael Durbin

Ever want to learn more about those dirty derivatives that helped crash the market in 2009? I wanted to, but I wanted a book that I could follow. This is a nice beginner’s manual.


The Big Short by: Michael Lewis

A fairly accurate account of how the markets actually went down and why.


Flash Boys by: Michael Lewis

It’s amazing how a fraction of a second can change and tip the markets. It’s even more amazing how people organized this and how they got away with it for so long.


End This Depression Now by: Paul Krugman

Nobel Economist Krugman gives his views on our recent financial crisis.

The Intelligent Investor by: Benjamin Graham

The best financial book of all time! If you don’t know much about finance and investing or if you do, Graham will lead you through things understandably. Worth the read for sure!


The Lean Startup by: Eric Ries

Recommended to me by others, Ries takes us through his own experiences (successes and failures) in getting new businesses up and running well.


Strategy For You by: Rich Horwath

Personal strategies to approach how you work and think daily.

Kaizen by: Masaaki Imai

Want to know more about Kaizen, the Japanese version of Six Sigma? The two are totally disparate and understanding the Kaizen way might be a good idea in today’s competitive western markets.


The Leap: The Science of Trust and Why It Matters by: Ulrich Boser

This is the people side of business and life. How does trust impact the ways we all deal with circumstances? How do we move forward to develop trust so we can function more productively?


The Decision Book: 50 Models For Strategic Thinking by: Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler

Fun to read because the 50 models are all based upon previous things we know and they’re all really short (5 pages or less). Read one each day!


Trust Agents by: Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Absolutely love this book for its sage advice on how to navigate the world of social media and why it matters.

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