On this page, I post links where technology and life is being used and experienced in interesting and beneficial ways:

How Smartphones Can Spot Disease  Power Phones — BBC

What Kind of Introvert Are You?  Introverts — Scientific American

SpaceX Makes Hyperloop Transport  Hyperloop — Scientific American

M.I.T.’s Maglev Hyperloop  Hyperloop U.S. — Scientific American 

Can Our Bodies Handle The Hyperloop?  Bodies & Hyperloop

Graphene Patch For Diabetes  Diabetes Needleless Patch

Injectable Brain Implants Talk To Neurons  Brain Implants

How Soil Microbes Help Fight Climate Change  Climate Change

10 Solutions To Climate Change  Climate Change

D.I.Y. Build Your Own Artificial Hand  Artificial Hand

Calling All Viruses  Detecting Viruses In The Body

Enzyme To Better Splice DNA  Splicing DNA — Scientific American

New Methodolgies To Treat Zika  Zika Treatments

Genetic Treatments For Sickle Cell  Sickle Cell — Scientific American

Does Honey Hold The Future of Antibiotics?  Honey & Antibiotics

Will Our Earth Run Out of Water?  Water & Our Planet — BBC

New Delivery Robots in London  New-Edge Robots — BBC

Red Tides Cripple Chilean Seas  The Red Tide — BBC

Dying Coral Reefs Can Dull Senses of Fish  Coral Reefs — BBC

How A Nobel Prize Winner Thinks  Nobel Prize — BBC

Cyborg Cockroaches — Harnessing cockroaches to become cyborgs able to get into places people cannot go. Link on BBC World Click at: Cyborg Cockroaches on BBC World Click

Stock Market PredictionsCan Smart Machines Predict The Stock Market

Machines That Can ThinkThe Car That Knows Your Thoughts

Robot Cleanup Crews Robot Jellyfish Shredders

Virtual RealityThe Future of Virtual Reality


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